Sunday, November 6, 2011

The New Girl

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I am a VERY happy camper. Over the last month or so, I have been researching and bidding on sewing machines. As in, on ebay. Of course. Because no way can I afford a new one. But every. single. time. I bid, I'd be outbid in a matter of hours. It was a little disheartening, and ridiculous. I was sad because I had a very limited budget.

Just for kicks, I got on craigslist and low and behold! There was a Pfaff listed, only a little out of my price range, but no picture. I emailed about it, and clearly stated that I could only afford $220, not the $300 asking price, but I'd like to see pictures anyway. The owner wrote me back with photos and said that she'd take my measly $220 if I wanted it! So I drove over to Mesa to see if the machine looked as good in real life, and although I wanted it, I actually had an ebay bid that I needed to check on, so I went home empty-handed with a promise to call her asap.

I went home, got online, and of course, I was outbid yet again. (Next major purchase should be an iphone + data package, I know, I know.) I called back and asked if I could come back and get the Pfaff, even though it was already 9:30pm. She said yes! I felt like I was going to get a new baby or something, I was so giddy! I made myself wait until today to get it set up and and give it a whirl and I sewed those little 9 was like heaven. It was like driving a Ford Escort your whole life (Believe me, I know, I had one in college, bless it's little engine that could.) and then someone giving you the keys to your very own Cadillac. It was smooth as butter. And it's just SO CUTE!

Anyway, here's a shout-out to my husband, who bought my first machine as a Christmas gift, and who waited so patiently for me to finally get it out 3 years later and learn to sew. And to that little Brother...thanks for not giving me too much trouble.

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  1. i LOVE your sewing area!! the turquoise paint rocks! i sew on a brother, but i would love to get a nice real machine. maybe i need to start stalking craigslist!