Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cullen's Quilt

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Okay, so for my next quilt my photography has improved a little. We've got natural light this time. But that back light is killing me! What was I thinking?!

This time I tried out machine quilting for the first time (I quilted squares within squares, nothing fancy) and hated every minute until I realized that I needed to leave the needle down before I turned the quilt! Talk about agony.

I learned a very important lesson about color value with this quilt. You can see how even though the fabrics are all different in the log cabin blocks, they are all very yellow. In the end, I added the orange sashing (before I knew it was called sashing!) for contrast, because I could see that the whole quilt top ran together. Very blah.

Then the backing! Augh! Be careful if you piece the back of your quilt to make sure and give yourself some wiggle room around the edges! Otherwise, you end up cutting off favorite blocks when you square up after quilting. Baby steps...

But I loved the binding. That dark chocolate polka dot. Gets me every time. And since I didn't like the look of whipstitching, I finished the binding by hand with an invisible ladder stitch. Love.

I finished baby Cullen's quilt November 6, 2010.

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