Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meghan's Quilt

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The first quilt I ever worked on actually only made it to the finished-quilt-top-phase. At that point I sewed it onto a duvet cover and called it good.

My first finished quilt, a mammoth denim "picnic blanket" made out of my old jeans, was completed shortly after my senior year of high school. (photo forthcoming!)

Fast forward 15 years. This is baby Meghan's quilt. The pictures are terrible. Took them with a flash, indoors, at night! But, this is where my new-found quilting obsession began.

I machine pieced the eight log cabin squares and the piano key border (before I knew it was called a piano key border!) but hadn't the foggiest idea how to finish it off. I knew about tying quilts, but I didn't want to tie this one with yarn, so I embroidered little flowers on it instead to hold the quilt sandwich together.

I completed baby Meghan's quilt on May 31st, 2010.

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